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Advanced Athlete's developmental training programs for today's athlete are a culmination of over 20 years of athletic training and preparation for the biomechanical and structural needs of the new age.  

Understanding the need for strength, speed, and power is essential for today's athlete, and Advanced Athlete has developed unique training programs for building and transferring these key elements to the field of play.   Functional and transferable dexterity is the number ONE priority for developing a successful program of movement, and Advanced Athlete is committed to that vision.  

Advanced Athlete's mission is to provide the most advanced speed, strength and conditioning philosophies and training for athletes of all disciplines and levels, from youth (age 8+) through professional. Our only prerequisite is the desire and commitment to reach beyond your potential.  

We understand that time is of the essence, and athletics are more competive than ever. That is why we take pride in offering both personal and team instruction and attention to the smallest details in a challenging, but positive and encouraging environment. Not only will Advanced Athlete improve your athletic performance, we also focus on instilling confidence and an overall sense of well-being that carries over to everyday life.


DAN POTTS - Founder of Advanced Athlete

We lost Coach Dan Potts on January 16, 2014, following an unbelievably courageous sixteen-year battle with cancer.

Dan Potts was an Advanced Athlete Strength & Performance Specialist, and worked with elite competitive athletes for 3 decades. He worked with Olympic, Professional, and Collegiate athletes, including numerous professional baseball and NFL players, including a former #1 NFL draft pick.

His expertise in sport biomechanics allowed him to access the needs of every athlete, no matter what sport he or she participated in. Believing that strength and power must not only be functional, but also transferable to the field of play, he developed movements using a variety of training modalities in order to give every athlete he coached the greatest degree of strength utilization possible.



Coach Pritam Potts has more than 12 years of experience working with athletes and clients of all ages. Her specialty is in functional strength applications, developing core and overall strength specifically for the purpose of enhancing the body's ability to function optimally in athletic movement. Utilizing the training philosophies and modalities created by Dan Potts, she continues to train athletes at all levels. Coach Pritam Potts is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA.)

Coach Potts' undying dedication to every athlete's on-field performance, guarantees that each and every training session is not only unique but also packed with functional dynamic movements that will enhance the strength and power of any athlete she works with.

Elston Cloy

BEN SNYDER - Trainer, Explosive Strength Specialist

Ben Snyder has a long history of competing, training, and coaching. As a collegiate athlete, Ben was a successful competitor and captain of the Track & Field squad at Eastern Washington University. After college Ben spent a year as an assistant coach at EWU then as the strength training coach at S.A.A.S. High School, Seattle. He is a NASA accredited trainer with 5 years of one-on-one and group training experience and has attended several sports training camps. Ben's area of expertise is improving explosiveness and developing full body strength.


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