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Parent/Athlete Consultation
Prior to any training, each athlete and their parent(s) will meet with us in order to identify a common training goal. These consultations not only identify goals, but help the athlete understand our methodology and philosophy. It is important at this time for everyone to be on the same page, with the same end result in mind. There is no charge for this consultation.

Individual/Semi-Private Training  
The majority of our athletes choose this particular avenue of work. In this setting we are not only able to identify the individual's goals, but also have the ability to monitor step by step progress due to the hands-on type of training and communiation we deliver. In this format we are able to saturate the level of training for each athlete and reach our strength goals more efficiently.

Team Training
This is an excellent way for teams to build a foundation of core conditioning and team camaraderie. We have been working with teams longer than anyone in the Northwest and we have developed a system that will allow your athletes to make tremendous changes while they stay together in a team environment. The teams sessions are fast paced and require the concentration and commitment of all who attend.

Speed and Agility Sessions
Multiple times per year we advertise and offer Speed/Agility sessions that usually run 4-6 weeks. These programs give the participants a tremendous opportunity to increase agility and foot speed in a very short period of time. If you have a team and would like us to create a multiple-week session just for you, give us a call today. 

Life Coaching Sessions (for Athletes & Parents)
For over thirty years Coach Potts has worked with thousands of athletes and non-athletes alike in their quest to succeed, for the chance to become something they have dreamed of. In those years he has developed the ability to weave the Mental side of training in with the Physical and Organizational sides to form the complete package of Body, Mind and Spirit beneficial for each individual. Coach Potts' unique approach helps each athlete recognize and utilize the necessary tools to make the best possible choices for success in academics and athletics. Parents can also benefit from this program.

Nutritional Counseling
We offer Advanced Nutritional Counseling for families who are struggling with this all important puzzle piece. Let's face it, all of the training, practicing, skill development in the world will have little effect if your nutritional package is what has become commonplace for most Americans. We are in a nutritional crisis in this country, and the more you can learn about what fuels your body, the more empowered you can become.




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