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Jeff Thomas, Parent:
"Pritam, I want to thank you and Dan so much for your help with both kids last fall, they had great springs. Our daughter went 15-4 as the number one varsity pitcher for Holy Names, her team won their league championship, finished second in Districts, and went to the State  Tournament. Our son led his Little League team in home runs and was elected to the 12 year old All Star team as an 11 year old.  As Dan predicted, though, the long seasons have taken their toll on their physical conditioning in general. Can't wait to get them going again."

Brian O'Connor, Parent:
"Thanks, Dan, it’s good to hear that you have a vision for Kellen. Kellen really respects you and actually enjoys working hard. He knows it’s good for him. But I didn’t think he had a vision of where he was going. He really is a different player this year. He was moving on those bases like I never seen before. He was actually challenging the pitcher. He showed more confidence on the bases than ever. Thanks for your work."

Tricia Spach, Parent:
"Our daughter began working out at Advanced Athlete in April 2007. Within two months, she experienced gains in her core strength and stability, her balance, and her explosiveness as a competitive swimmer, runner, and as a soccer player. Specifically, we saw dramatic improvements in her explosiveness off the swim blocks, in her turns, and in her sprints, which were significantly faster than last year and continued to improve as she continued working in the gym. Our daughter's speed, balance, and aerobic capacity also significantly improved as a result of her gym training. On the soccer field, she is stronger and faster and she has better balance-a critical aspect of an agility based sport like soccer. Perhaps the biggest benefit from Advanced Athlete strength training has been in our daughter's confidence. Whether she is playing competitive soccer, swimming competitively, or running, she approaches all these sports with physical confidence, which has, lead to improved mental confidence and focus. Best of all, Advanced Athlete has fostered in our daughter a life-long love of exercise, strength training, and fitness."

Coach Bill Stubbs, Professional Hitting Instructor/Scout:
"Whenever I have a Blue Chip Athlete that needs to gain strength, speed or power, I automatically refer them to Coach Potts. He delivers."

James Clifford, former Husky Linebacker, currently Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Seattle Mariners Minor League System:
"I worked with Dan in the off-season throughout my Husky Football career. I can't say enough about his understanding of the needs of the advanced athlete. If you're truly serious about your particular sport, you need to give him a call."

Ryan Riley, Tampa Bay Devil Rays Minor League System:
"I came to Dan Potts as a recommendation from my Hitting Coach. Dan totally changed my attitude regarding functionally correct conditioning for athletes. In fact, now that I am a pro, the strength coach for my organization is showing me movements and talking training philosophy that Coach Potts started years before anyone else. He is way ahead of his time. If you are a baseball Athlete, you need to get to him . . . . NOW!"

Dr. Richard E. Marks, MD, Neurology:
"Since 1978 I have personally witnessed Coach Potts train hundreds of elite athletes, and have always been impressed by his professionalism and expertise. His knowledge of Body Mechanics, Functional Strength, and Sports Nutrition will give any athlete Dan works with a leg up on the competition."

Teresa Wippel, Parent:
"Time and again, I have seen Dan Potts' focus on core strength and conditioning produce long-lasting improvements in young athletes, including my own two kids. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that Dan is more than an athletic trainer: He is a trusted mentor and role model who connects with young people and keeps them motivated to excel. I attribute much of my kids' athletic success to the Dan and his program."

Mark Minckler, Seattle Rainiers:
"Every year Dan Potts works with my teams in the off season. He not only offers a unique system of conditioning, but he also has a way of relating to each and every athlete he coaches. This year Dan will be working with all of my teams."


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