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Fall Campaign 2010

Dear Parents, Coaches, & Athletes:

September 1st is the time of year that we in the Athlete preparation business begin to make a push for the upcoming year.

It is a time for Goal Setting, Reflection, College Letters, and some serious Self Evaluation. With each year brings a greater understanding to us of our roles in your Athlete's lives and Careers. Preparing Athlete's for the next level of play is not only what we do, it is something in which we have a lot of Passion for and Responsibility to. We also like to believe that we perform this task with the utmost Integrity, Care, and Dedication towards your competitive athlete.

As we have stated in the past, this is the time of year that we like to see the Athlete re-commit themselves to the task at-hand and not just partner with us in a new direction, but attempt to become the voice they need to hear every day and every moment in the upcoming year. The most success we have is always with the Athlete that is not only motivated but with the one who has taken up the yoke of the Journey's next leg.

Each year we get 11, 12, & 13 year old athletes starting up in our facility who want to play at the next level. And by this we don't mean High School Ball. But the tragedy in it all seems to occur a few years later, when, faced with the hard work of stepping over the threshold into the Collegiate Arena, the athlete thinks that what they have done to this point will be "Enough". The majority of all the Athletes with which we work do not take the "Job" of communicating with the appropriate Colleges and Universities seriously and thus do not end up at a place that they had dreamed of at age 14 or thought was a "Shoe-In" at 16. They simply think that it will just "Happen" and they will be playing for their "Dream Team" next year. Ain’t gonna happen, folks. The athletes and the parents need to know that this Project is not over until you walk on campus and take your first class at the college or university that was in your top 3 choices. You need to know that you have to pedal "Downhill" until you cross this particular finish line. With government budgets and Federal matching dollars to universities being squeezed to the last penny, you need to work hard to get the attention of the people you want to play for, and don't stop until you get what you came for.

Starting next week we will be on an afternoon schedule. We are looking M-Th at 3:30 and 4:30, and Sat. 10:00 and 11:00 as our primary training slots. First slot we fill is the 3:30, then so on. Same with Sat at 10, then 11. We will be adding additional session times when these are filled. We need input from everyone, and like every other year, the first couple of weeks are crazy, with the different schedules and all. E-mail us and let us know what time slots you may be looking at. Any special evening (5 or 6 o'clock) would probably need to be on Tue/ Thur. Anyways, there it is. Let us know your thoughts.

This year I have included a recommendation of supplements for the athletes (see below). These recommendations are based on the average athlete at the High School level of play. They are also products and dosages that we know are safe and non-toxic but will be a partner in combating fatigue and an assistance to the immune system in an effort to ward off all the different bugs that the student athlete will be encountering in the ensuing months. I have checked the recommendations I am giving you with two of my physicians. We recommend checking with your physician if you have any concerns.

If you have any questions I can answer, please get back to me. Let's have a great Fall and School Year and let's finish these projects we started years ago.

This is what I consider as the least of what we should do, folks. The school year and sick kids can quickly pass infections and colds like wild fire. In addition to these supplements, you just have to ad 7-9 hours sleep and 100 ounces of Water (per day) and you have the making of a healthy Winter season. These supplements and their doses are also what I would consider an efficient financial outlay.

P1010471.JPG P1010474.JPG

Bioplex Pure WPI Whey Protein Isolate (5 lbs available at Super Supplements for $64.79)

1-2 servings per day. There are 102 servings in the can, and if you take it with 8oz of milk it will give you around 30gms of protein. Twice a day will last 51 days. Not bad!

Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg (available at Costco for $14.89)

Start with 1,000 mg per day and over a week period of time build it up to 5,000-8,000 mg per day, every day, Period!

Vitafusion MultiVites (available at Costco for $9.99)

2 per day. Yeah they're gummy bears but have most of everything you need in reasonable amounts, and are easy to consume.

Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3 2000 IU (available at Costco for $10.99)

Has to be D-3 not just D. Starting now, we don't get enough Sun in the North and need to supplement with D-3. This aids in bone development, a force against infection, mood enhancement to name a few. There are all kinds of recommendations on dosages, but I have done excessive research on D-3 benefits, toxicity, etc. I've had numerous in person communication with several Physicians. Everyone from Neurology, Naturopathy to Oncology and they agree that 2,000 units/day is safe and is the rec. dose today. Take anytime.

Coach Potts
September 3, 2010




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