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Hi Everyone! In the early Fall I mentioned I would be sending out a newsletter on Nutrition.  Well, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, what great timing huh?

First of all, let me mention that it is very difficult to get our children to eat well, if we don't ourselves. It by and large is a family effort, one that will actually benefit everyone in the household.

We first and foremost need to be honest with ourselves. How is our nutrition? Do we exercise regularly? Where are our calories coming from? How much protein are we getting every day, and what are the sources of that protein?

Let me just say this: I am shocked by the diets of the athletes these days. And guess what? They aren't the ones who do the shopping.  If you are consuming a significant amount of food that is packaged, made at the deli, or at local restaurants, your nutrition is marginalized at best.

Try this: For 1 month, eat only things that you cook yourselves. Concentrate on fresh, (organic) vegetables, Lean (hormone free) meats and roasted/steamed potatoes and brown rice. Avoid the following: Sugar, Excess dairy, large portions of pasta, soda, deep fried foods, mayonnaise, butter, (try sprouted grain products rather than bread), cheese, and any other high fat food. Remember, it takes about a month to break some of these habits. Give yourselves the gift of good nutrition this holiday season.

Also, check in at our TESTIMONIALS page for before and after photos of Elston, one of my trainers, who finally decided to follow my diet plan starting in May of this year, and worked out with me 3x/week. Keep this in mind: He did not take any supplements...at all!! Just food! You won't believe it.

Call us if you have any questions about your family's nutrition.  Happy Thanksgiving to All, and Thanks for your support,

Coach Potts
November 20, 2008



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